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Welcome to Courage In Therapy. I am Matthew Cohen, a Marriage & Family Therapist, and this is my blog. I’ve recently published a new book When Words Aren’t Enough (March, 2012) and for a Free Chapter of my book go to www.matthewcohen.us. It is fundamentally about transformational change in psychotherapy. It demonstrates the courage it takes to create the honesty and healthy vulnerability that is vital in psychotherapy and in life. My blog is about the courage to change and to heal.

I hope you find my blog www.courageintherapy.com informative and inspiring. I look forward to many fruitful exchanges. Please feel free to contribute and comment, and I will respond.

The courage it takes for transformational change means conquering our inner fears. It means exposing ourselves to ourselves—airing the “weakness” that we have been ashamed of—and at the same time doing so in the presence of a trusted other. This trusted other may be the person we feel closest to—a marital partner, or a family member, or a close friend, or a trusted therapist.

My book had to meet my authenticity requirements. It had to be as life-like as possible—describing real people with real problems. And it needed to show real change. To accomplish this I used verbatim transcripts extensively.

While writing my book I happened upon this quote. I deeply resonate with it in my work and in my life.

All, everything that I understand, I understand
only because I love.” __Leo Tolstoy


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